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New Product Available!
IRC's Virtual Voting Console (VVC) System Click HERE

Welcome NCSL Base Camp 2020 Attendees!

International Roll-Call's Virtual Voting Console (VVC)

"Leading the way with proven legislative voting system technologies that support the legislative process"


New Virtual Voting Console (VVC) System
  • Seamless Integration with our xmLegislator Voting Software
  • Fast and Secure Implementation
  • Low-Cost Solution
  • Features Designed for Member and Legislative Staff
Notable Features
  • The Member desks located in the Chamber can be locked for the Members using the VVC system.
  • Members using the VVC system can have access to the Request to Speak Queue on their user interface.
  • IRC can include a view of the Member names and member vote indicators as a separate tab in the Display Board section of the user interface.


The Virtual Voting Console (VVC) System is a virtual vote entry interface to the xmLegislator™ Voting Software. The VVC system was uniquely designed with the intention to give seamless remote voting capabilities via a virtual voting interface during times of emergency or disaster.

The VVC system allows users, with access to the voting system network, to view the summary and bill information, vote status, and vote totals; and the ability to cast votes via the VVC user interface screen.  The VVC system has been developed to be responsive across multiple devices and platforms and can be configured to meet specific device needs.

The VVC user interface screen can provide the following information, data, and functionality:

  • Vote Status indication - Vote Open or Vote Closed;
  • Vote Totals;
  • Bill information - same data sent to and viewed on the Chamber display;
  • Ability to cast votes such as Yea, Nay, Page, Cancel, Request to Speak; and
  • Display the name of the Member logged into the VVC system.


If you would like more information about the Virtual Voting Console (VVC) or how International Roll-Call can assist you with any of your legislative needs...
Contact us today by calling 804-730-9600 or emailing Tyler Schaeffer at

VVC Clients

  • North Dakota
    • North Dakota House of Representatives
    • North Dakota Senate
  • Maine
    • Maine House of Representatives
    • Maine Senate
  • Montana
    • Montana House of Representatives
    • Montana Senate
  • Connecticut
    • Connecticut House of Representatives
  • South Carolina
    • South Carolina House of Representatives
  • Michigan
    • Michigan House of Representatives
  • Oklahoma
    • Oklahoma House of Representatives
  • Arkansas
    • Arkansas House of Representatives
  • Maryland
    • Maryland Senate

North Dakota




South Carolina