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3rd Reading Legislative Management System

Modern module-based legislative management system for the legislative process

IRC's expertise and legislative pedigree uniquely position our company to design and offer an innovative solution that will complement and streamline the legislative process. IRC is cognizant of the legislative timetable and realizes how valuable time is to members and staff during Session. That is why IRC is striving to create a product that focuses on automating the redundant tasks of the legislative process while enriching the process for the most efficient results.

The IRC goal is simple - we want you to be able to provide your members and staff a solution that allows them to focus on legislative essentials, from drafting to enactment, and the creation of the legislative record with all supporting documents.

Since 1936, IRC has a proud tradition of successful legislative systems innovation and support provided to state legislatures. During that time, we have implemented previous complete legislative management products but have tabled that design in favor of a modern module-based Legislative Management System called 3rd ReadingTM.

• Our commitment to customer service and satisfaction has led IRC to become the number one trusted partner in over 70 Legislative Chambers across the country.
• In 2009, IRC introduced a comprehensive legislative management system to support the legislative members and staff in Vermont.
• Building on our success in Vermont, in 2014, we utilized the base application and created an enhanced version for the New Hampshire General Court state legislature.
• Our next generation of this application, 3rd ReadingTM is under current development and is scheduled for deployment to be used by the Alabama Legislature during the 2022 Regular Session.
• This iteration of the product is being built utilizing IRC's experience, expertise, and legislative knowledge, and is being developed on a modern technical architecture that enables us to truly deliver a Legislative Management System for the modern legislative environment.

3rd ReadingTM will consist of multiple modules including Configuration, Drafting and Document Support for Bills, Resolutions, and Budgets, Indexing, Committee Support, Calendar, Journal, Messaging, Engrossing, and Enrolling along with several others that each cater to a unique aspect of the legislative process.

Our Approach - “To be able to deliver a product that can be customized to each individual state legislature or chamber, we need to have a solution that can easily adapt and scale to meet the growing needs of any legislature.” Understanding the legislative process is key to any technology solution, which is why IRC’s extensive experience in the field and personnel with legislative backgrounds provides a distinct advantage to developing and implementing the 3rd ReadingTM product.

If you would like more information or to schedule a demonstration of IRC's 3rd ReadingTM Legislative Management System contact us today by calling 804-730-9600 or emailing Bryan Hogan at